Never Never Land

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The time has come for us to now bid farewell,
Time to end the story that we’ll never tell
Remember the talk we had before all this begun
No matter what, we’ll end this comes the twenty-one
Peter Pan must be a man and he must grow up
Wendy must leave, if in order to prove her love
For he was never hers, and she was never his
It was all make believe, pixie dusts and fairies,
She desires the future with a husband on her arm
One she could introduce to her father and her mom
What he wants is permanence of what is already are
Never wanting to go further than the Northern star
Sometimes the most powerful word is just not enough,
If she throw away her need, she might lose herself
If he decides to move, he might regret taking the step
She wouldn’t force him and he wouldn’t ask her to stay
Thus a period must be written by the end of the day
She loves him so, but she must let him go
He loves her so, but he must not prove it so
What a traitor fate is or maybe it is what’s destined
He must give up his sword, and she, her shield
For it is only then that we will know what is written
Before the infamous line stating death, screams the end


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