101 Reasons Why I love You

1) You correct my grammar and pronunciation.
2) You make me add, subtract, multiply and divide in my head.
3) You send me links to cool webpages.
4) You used to help me answer my ECON101 homework.
5) You lend me books.
6) You used to chat with me all day and night.
7) You sent 383 text messages in one day.
8) You were the first one to give me a hug (since circa 2009).
9) You are the first guy I went to a movie with alone (since circa 2009).
10)You dance on the street with me.
11)You recommend good books and movies.
12)You successfully made a knot out of a cherry stem using your mouth
13)You crack corny jokes.
14)You smile at me when you catch me staring
15)You bought me milk.
16)You bought me chocolates.
17)You are the person that I am most honest to.
18)You bought me a box full of goodies.
19)You give me a hug whenever I feel upset.
20)You’re ticklish.
21)You make a face when I joke about how old you are.
22)You walk with me even though you’re tired.
23)You say my cooking taste good even though I think it’s horrible.
24)You keep sending me digital gifts (I prefer something radioactive)
25)You teach me historical facts.
26)You bought the dish I want because I could order one just so I can taste both.
27)You taught me how to ask extra hotdogs for my spaghetti
28)You remind me of a wiggler mouse when you blow your cheeks up.
29)You listen to my stories, even my rants.
30)You bought me a really expensive ice cream
31)You are blunt.
32)You answered my call when I greeted you Merry Christmas (circa 2011)
33)You check up on me when I go out on a date.
34)You have curves on your waist that I so envy!
35)Your fingers are long and beautiful
36)You like songs with weird lyrics.
37)When you say my name, I almost always forget to breathe
38)Your shoelaces untie easily
39)You know how to squeeze the truth out of me
40)You don’t find my dimples cute.
41)You’ve never mentioned anything about my smile
42)You caught up with me.
43)You make me jealous.
44)You make me cry.
45)You make me sad.
46)You purposely annoy me at times.
47)You took care of me when I was sick.
48)You give me the hotdogs on your spaghetti
49)You made a ribbon blue rose
50)You tell me stories you couldn’t finish
51)You used to be my love advisor
52)You have very interesting comments about society
53)You don’t make me wait anymore
54)You love your family
55)You love your friends
56)You make friends with strangers
57)You don’t get angry
58)You don’t get jealous
59)You trust me
60)You annoy me with gory imagery
61)Your arm on my shoulders sends a message you’ll protect me
62)Your arm on my waist sends a message you’d like to keep me
63)You were there when I saw my first falling star
64)You played see-saw with me
65)You took my pictures when I went to one of my dream travel place
66)You hate the Twilight Saga movie
67)You hate Justin Bieber
68)You hate One direction
69)You introduced me to my now favorite show
70)You’re weird
71)You’re interesting
72)You fascinate me
73)You don’t put me on a pedestal
74)When I’m with you, I am no one but myself
75)You say yes even if you’re tired
76)You don’t say no but you resist with me
77)You flirt with me
78)You cuddle with me
79)You tell me about your day
80)You once told me that you’ve missed me
81)You colored my journal
82)You make me smile when I’m sad
83)You inspire me to write
84)You sing me songs I don’t recognize
85)You once sang Soft Kitty as my lullaby
86)You are never be boring
87)You challenge me
88)You make me think
89)You allowed me to love you
90)You are worthy of my trust
91)You just let me laugh so hard
92)You kissed me to make me shut up
93)You taught me not to expect
94)You make me feel strong and vulnerable at the same time
95)You keep on saying Thank you when I’m the one that should be grateful
96)You make me keep wanting more
97)You worry about me.
98)You care for me.
99)You make me happy.
100)You love me.
101)I love you because you’re you


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