When to Propose

When the concept of me starts shifting to we,
And you start to picture how the future might be
When in your dreams, she becomes a frequent visitor
And yet it’s not enough and you wish to have more

When you hear her laughing even when she’s not around
And you find yourself smiling to the addicting sound
When you picture her face when you’re staring nowhere
And for every news, she’s the first you want to tell

When life won’t seem to dull when she’s by your side
And you’ve reserved a space for her inside your mind
When you find yourself wondering what she is up to,
And you secretly wish that she thinks of you too

When you start being possessive and want her for yourself
And you get jealous of others, even your own best friend
When you start seeing forever and want her as your wife
And you picture her with a ring and a mother to your child


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