The One that Got Away

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There was this man that I once loved,
The only person that I couldn’t have
He was my knight and he was my prince
Made me feel like the queen of queens

Both of us were too fragile and scared
Both thinking our hearts will only break
But I took a leap hoping he would too
But he just left me there without a clue

If only he didn’t run, if only I waited
Maybe by this time we are both committed,
It would be his hand and not someone else’s
If only he didn’t led me to false pretenses

He is now the man I almost saw forever with,
The forever “what if” as long as I shall live
In my heart will always be a space for him
The man who still holds my heartstrings


3 thoughts on “The One that Got Away

  1. Rad change says:

    The mistake is not taking the leap but surmising that the outcome would be different had you not lept. Sometimes our greatest dillusions are in realizing we have not accepted reality and that we are greiving how it “might have been.”

    Your poetry is always beautiful, descriptive, and flowing, but I never know if I should be commenting on the poetry or the message. God’s Blessings to you today!

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Hahaha, thank you. I don’t really think of what might have been because I’m really with what happened, no regrets. I know the Lord has His reasons, it just sounded like a good rhyme that’s why I wrote it. Thank you for continuing to inspire me…

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