White Picket Pence

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Few years from now, I’ll walk the aisle and marry
A man who is truly and faithfully in love with me
We’ll build a house that includes our own library
Where our books will be placed for us to read daily

We’ll travel on weekends on places near and afar
Go camping on the beach when our car breaks down
Take a lot of pictures to document our memories
For stories we will tell to our future grandkids

I’ll massage his back whenever he feels tired
And when he’s sad, I’ll tickle him on the side
He’ll be cooking dinner coz I don’t know how to,
Buy me flowers, roses perhaps, when I feel blue

He’ll give me a kiss before we part for work,
And on some nights, we’ll go out for a walk
Be forever and always in love with each other
The best of friends and lovers forever


4 thoughts on “White Picket Pence

  1. qiquan says:

    It brings back my sad memory…
    There is always a priority at a certain stage of our life, and not many people can have the same priority in their lifetime. I do wish that you have great courage to be the one =).

    All the best to your dream, and may it come true.


    • Joan Miranda says:

      What a sweet thought to have in the morning…:) Well, as of now my priority is still my career but still when I reach 25 or 26, I wanna get married of course and share forever with a special someone…:D Thanks for coming by

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