Handle my heart with Care

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My heart is fragile so please handle it with care,
It was once wounded and I thought beyond repair,
Although it has healed, the scars still remains
Reminding me I almost died when I felt love’s pain

From then on, I have been scared of trusting again
I started dating for fun countless number of men
Swearing to myself that never again will I be consumed
Loving half-hearted and not giving my heart whole

Once I almost did to a prince who treated me right,
But left so suddenly before the first break of light
He broke my heart and I didn’t know how to survive
For he was the best man I’ve met in my entire life

Now you’re here and you speak of words of love,
You came like a thief and grab hold of my heart
And it breaks my heart knowing we can never be
That this is all that there is for you and me


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