Countess in a shining arm

Something’s changed, something’s strange
This isn’t the way that he usually behaves
What happened to my indifferent and cold-hearted lover?
Why is he now making me feel that this time I matter?

Asking me out on dates and planning trips on the weekend
Buying me chocolates and even sending kisses on his texts
Telling me I’m beautiful and kept saying he loves me
Being so wonderful and does things to make me happy

Did somebody abduct him? Is this an impostor?
Maybe my true love is chained under someone’s trap door
Or maybe a witch appeared and put on him a curse
What if my prince is stuck on a well dying of thirst?

Wait for me my love, I shall come to your aid
I know this isn’t you, you need not be afraid
I shall throw a dagger to the heart of this con man
He’ll die before sunrise and you’ll be back in my arms


5 thoughts on “Countess in a shining arm

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Hahaha, half of me thinks that I’m just dreaming and is waiting for the time to wake up, but half of me would like to remain asleep…:D
      well, I wasn’t hurt before because I was forewarned that’s how he will be when we started this, but i dunno what happened but c’est la vie, enjoy the moment as it is right?

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