The Final First Date

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Pinch me so I’ll know if I’m just dreaming,
For I cannot believe that it’s really happening
The love of my life asked me to go out on a date,
He’ll be bringing flowers and pick me up at eight

We’ll go have some dinner and then watch a movie
It really doesn’t matter as long as he’s with me
Hopefully the stars will crowd the night sky
To be our spotlight when he’ll kiss me goodbye

I’ll be wearing a dress and maybe glass slippers
He’ll lend me his coat for it’s as cold as winter
He’ll tell me about his day and I’ll tell him mine
As we click our glasses and sip a glass of wine

No more make-believe dates with fairytale princes
No more blind dates or other dates with strangers
Not just the first date, but the beginning of many
For I have a date with the guy I will someday marry


23 thoughts on “The Final First Date

  1. Hikari Yori says:

    Wish you well with your boyfriend.
    And thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Member for liking the poetry ‘PR’. πŸ˜€

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