The Other Woman

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I know he wants to leave but he’s far too noble,
Given a chance though, he’d be bolting out the door
I have long accepted that I take no part in his clock
So he just closed his eyes and went to take a nap

Inside his mind is the urge to go and meet her
He’d be chasing time just to be where she were
It pains me more to have him stay insincerely
When I know the last thing he want is to stay with me

He knows I’m hurting and that she’s there waiting
But I know as soon as I’m alright, he’ll be running
He’ll be calling out her name and say that he’s sorry
How he wanted to be with her but he’s just too busy

He will hold her hand and kiss him on both cheeks
Then smile as he lean over and plant one on her lips
And here I will remain until whatever time remains
Because he loves her and I’m just to ignite his flames


4 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. Eric says:

    you’re more worthy than you suppose,
    and, if we were far too honest,
    I would, before we put to rest
    our love say, “This I must propose,
    that this is but our final test.”


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