Our First Kiss

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Kiss me as if it’s the first time our lips will touch
Gentle yet forceful, full of promises and love
Tilt my head upward and hold me by the waist
Slowly pulling me closer to a sweet embrace

Kiss me on the forehead then on the tip of my nose
Rest your forehead on mine as the cold wind blows
Murmur my name and tell me those three magic words
Say it thrice and mean it, then I’ll be all yours

Kiss me playfully on both sides of my cheeks
Then place one on each of my dainty fingertips
Make me breathless, make my heart beat insane
Make me certain that what we feel is the same

Kiss me goodnight as you walk me to my door,
As we both lay naked in this cold wooden floor
Kiss me when you’ve missed me, whenever you’re happy
Whenever you’re tired or just a little bit lonely

Kiss me as if it’s the last time that you will
As if no one’s around and time is standing still
Kiss me with a kiss whose mark will last a lifetime
Kiss me with a kiss telling me that you’re mine


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