A Love Letter in Rhymes

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Hey dear, can we take a walk?
I think that we need to talk
There’s something I need to say
And no, it cannot wait another day
It’s a matter of a make or break
Mind you, it’s my heart at stake
I like you a lot, you know that much
You know I always crave for your touch
Yet this is something more, something new
And I have no idea whether not you have a clue
Pride and fear thrown aside
I’m gonna tell you what’s on my mind
For months I have been fighting
For months I have been struggling
Yet this feeling’s overwhelming and I give up
It has taken me up to the last inch of my heart
I often get jealous of the girl you love to mention
Every time you and I are having a conversation
Jealous of how she’s always a priority ahead of me
How she’s always in your plan and every activity
Remember when you left me just to be with her
I cried all night and wanted to forget you right there
I try to be sensible and be a bigger person
But I am really jealous beyond my intention
I’m scared how this is turning to be consuming
And how it has become my most dominant feeling,
Not the jealousy but what I feel for you
The only thing I’m certain that is true
Dear me, Dear me, I guess this is for real
There is no escaping of this thing I feel
I don’t want to let it go, to let you go
Baby here it goes, what I wanted you to know
I am in love with you and I’m not sorry
You are a great man and you make me happy
Despite the complains and whines I have no right to do
You still stayed with me and said you like me too
Spare me my emotions and be cruel if necessary
You have the right to go, don’t take pity
For as each day pass, I’m falling even more in love
And there’s no one else that I’d rather have.


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