(200th Post) Bits and Pieces of Me

There are bits and pieces of me that I never want for you to see,
Especially the “me” who has fallen for you completely,
I hate for you to see how broken and damaged I become
For every false hope and rejection that keeps leaving me undone

I wish that I can but I can never tell you all that I am feeling
For I’m afraid of what you’ll say or that it might send you leaving
Too painful it is for me to stay, more so to decide to just go away
This just keeps on getting harder with every passing day

Truth be told I’m scared of how much love I have for you,
How painful it will be when none of what you said is true
You inspire the most heart wrenching poem out of me,
Never knowing if it’s happy ending or just tragedy

Why won’t you tell me so I can at least try and shut it down
If there is no hope that we can be more than what we are now
These wounds will heal and my tears will soon run dry
Before they do, let me know if it’s time that I say goodbye.


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