Literally it means a place of wild strawberries
For me it’s where the little child in me lives
A place that I visit to let my thoughts run wild
To delete sadness and stress out of my mind

A place that is known by no one else but yours truly
Where I am free to scream, to keep quiet, to just be
Embraced by the wind and serenaded by bird whistles
One so special that is beyond compare to everywhere else

The sole witness when you first told me that you love me,
That you think I’m beautiful and that I make you happy
The place where I ran to when I got jealous of your friend,
Whenever I think that all of this is just pretend

The place where we first kissed under the full moon
Surrounded by the tulips that are just beginning to bloom
The place where you bent on one knee and then proposed
To another girl as I secretly watched and wished I’m still yours


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