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You just think you do but you don’t
You say not now but I know you won’t
You say they’re not but I know they are
You just think it’s near but it’s way afar

I told you not to say it, now look what you’ve done
I believed every word, thought you were a better man
What excuse will you be telling me this time?
I’m sorry but that’s it, you have crossed the line.

Forgive me if I can’t shrug my shoulders and let it go
It hurts a lot, too much, more than you’ll ever know
Forgive if next time I act cold and no longer responsive
If next time that you ask, I have no trust left to give

I did not ask you to tell me the things you’ve said
But you did, now every word is engraved inside my head
Why did I even believed that you could ever feel the same?
I should’ve known better, maybe I was just going insane.


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