The Author’s Note

Whenever I like someone and that person calls me by my name, it has this weird effect on me. For days, it would be the only fleeting thought in my mind, and sometimes even months. It’s like the world stops spinning and there exists no other sound than of his voice mentioning my name over and over. It’s a really spell binding moment.
Hence, when I started dating Caleb, I asked him not to call me by my name. I like him and if he do it, there is a very high chance that I might fall for him and unless he wants that, my name must remain a taboo. He didn’t really understand the thought behind it but he obliged.
As days passed, there were some slips. He said it once, and I immediately became upset and he said sorry but still he told me that he thinks my rule about the name is kind of stupid, but he did not say it again for a long time.
The second time that he called me by name was when we were together with a friend. I wanted to hit him hard for doing so but nevertheless, I let it pass and tried to make it an exception, after all he was just mentioning my name and not really calling me by it.
The third time he did, he said it thrice and there was something different with the way that he said it. It wasn’t the same as the slips he had before. He was looking straight into my eyes and just like that my gaze was trapped and I studied every feature of his face. He said my name in a whisper, and I asked him why. He said my name again, and I asked him why again. My heart was beating fast but I doubt that he noticed. He said it again for the third time and before I could say why again he told me those three one syllable word that I’ve just told him I only want to hear the way its meant to be said, from a guy who loves a girl that is not just a friend to him. I didn’t know what to do. I was deciding whether to just ignore it or to say it back to him while secretly waiting for the punch line, that “I love you but I’m not in love with you” but he didn’t say it. He just said he loves me again, and that was the happiest moment that I have ever spent with him. It was just unbelievable, to even think that I was there, with the man I love and he just called me by my name and told me that he loves me. Sometimes, I keep waiting to just wake up and find out it was just a dream or that he was just joking, or again it’s the punchline thingy but I am tired of doing so and even if it is or if its not, I will allow myself to be selfish and enjoy this moment, this time with him, because its not everyday that the girl who writes about fairy tale romance, heartaches and heartbreaks gets to have a chapter of her writing in her reality- a chapter on Happiness.


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