2012 in Rhymes

The year began with a blast at the fifth of January
When the guy I liked first lent a special book to me
We had dinner after and he bought me a glass of juice
It happened many times but I was too naive to spot the clues
I thought that he was just kind and a gentleman by heart
That’s why he treated me special right from the start
Little did I know that he felt the same way I did
I just assumed that he only saw me as a little kid
Afraid of rejection I told him I like him and left
Didn’t get to hear the words he would’ve said
Then I was having this flirty kind of conversation
With a man I like that is beyond my expectation
He is weird and interesting, a favorite muse
And on that we have both made this kind of truce
To be together but not really with each other
Having different lives while being with one another
No strings attach, no commitment and no lies
A friendship intact when we say our goodbyes
At first it was awkward and a little kind of strange
But later on he learned, my favorite juice is orange
Then I heard the story of the girls he has dated
And I told him of the girls that I once have hated
From a passive, indifferent man that didn’t give a damn
He later on became expressive and a gentleman
I told him I like him and he said the same
This thing we have is no longer just a game
It was on the wrong pace but we know it’s real
At least I am certain of what it is I feel
He treats me right and makes me really happy
He tells me that he feels the same with me
Little by little he tries to show me that he cares
And sometimes I still get lost from his stares
I know there’s more that he has yet to offer
But in his time will we get to that next chapter
If we don’t, our story will still be the most epic
It will be etched in time and considered historic
I now look forward to the coming of 2013
And whatever awesomeness it will soon bring
For life will keep on sending surprises my way
Good or bad, I will still make it through the day
With the help of my friends and grace from above
I’m sure next year will be a season full of love.


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