Marry Me

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Marry me because I love you
Because I know you want to
There is not even a single doubt
You’re who I cannot live without

Marry me because I want you as my wife,
So I can share with you the rest of my life
Now and as long as we both shall live
This heart of mine is all yours to keep

Marry me and let me spend everyday making you happy
As much as your existence do every time to me
Since the day I laid my eyes upon your ethereal beauty
I knew that you’re the girl I’m supposed to marry

In sickness and in health
In good times and in bad
For better or for worse
Till death do us part


2 thoughts on “Marry Me

  1. qiquan says:

    Some words can tell love without love, can describe beauty without beauty, can say about the depth without deep. What are these words? 🙂

    Just my random thought.

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