The Third Morning

Last night was epic, it was deeper than the deepest
Your words were like razor blades peeling off my flesh
You told me that you love me but you’re not in love with me
What the future holds for us still remains an uncertainty

We can turn left or right, make this wrong or make this right
We can just forget about it, or debate about it through the night
No need to force the words that are not yet ready to come out
Let the silence fill the gap and say what our hearts would like to shout

Our moment will arrive and it will be more than legendary
So hold on for a while, hold tight and hold on to me
It will be better than the stories and all those cheesy movies
The credit won’t be rolling, soon we’ll have a name for whatever this is

For now untangle my soul, I’m slowly losing my self-control
Unchain my thoughts, you’re turning to be my sweetest downfall
It’s not yet time, this isn’t the place and the universe
Let’s climb the clock tower and turn the clock into reverse


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