The Flavors of my Pen

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Pain has always been familiar to me,
That writing about it just comes naturally
Happiness on the other hand is a mysterious stranger
That leaves me wordless and in a state of wonder

How do I express an emotion that comes and goes
As swift and rare as when the summer wind blows
Almost always just a figment of my imagination
A cruel game of fate through empty temptation

Trying to seize the moments as soon as they come
For I never know when I’ll ever get another one
Yet every time I grab a piece of paper and a pen
I just stare at mid-air, with not a letter written

Love, pain, hope, joy, sorrow and inspiration
The flavors of my poems and other composition
They are the fiction and reality combined
Of the world of this lady who always sleeps at nine


2 thoughts on “The Flavors of my Pen

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Yup that’s true but sometimes i sleep at eight o’ clock. ever since I was eight that was my bed time but then came college and I slept at nine to study now there’s no more homework so I sleep at eight or nine…:D

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