Get Well Soon

How can I stay mad when you’re awfully sick
You could barely walk for your knees are too weak
I appreciate you thinking and wanting to be with me
But I prefer you all better than this attempt to be romantic

If only I could, I’d put a cooling gel on your forehead
Sing you soft kitty while you fall asleep on your bed
I’ll spoon feed you with a soup I’ll try my best to make
And when you’re all better we’ll go out and have some cake

I’ve missed you my dear and I pray that you do get well
For I’ve had loads of adventures, many stories I’d like to tell
After that it’ll be your turn to tell me what you have been up to
Who with, what with, the things you did and didn’t do

Be a good boy, go have your meal and intake your medicine
No games until you’re all okay or else I’ll be nagging
Go get healthy and later on come back to me
Only then will you be forgiven and I will be happy


2 thoughts on “Get Well Soon

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Thanks, I do hope the person I wrote this poem for gets better SOON because I caught his fever, hope it transferred to me and he’s all fine and not just we’re both sick now

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