Tonight you broke my heart

I asked you out but you’re too busy
You already made plans but not with me
You’re online and busy chatting with your pal
Not giving a damn, or even a minute to ask how I am

If only you didn’t tell me that you liked me
If only I knew for certain that we could never be
If only I don’t like as much as I currently do
Then maybe I’d be okay and this tears won’t be here too

The problem is I like you too much to let go
Even if its painful and slowly killing me so
It’s scary how much more pain there is to appear
If it one day turns to love, this thing I feel

Tonight you broke my heart into a million pieces
Even if it’s still unclear, whatever ‘this’ is
You broke my heart as my lover and as my friend
Please just tell me if you want all this to end


10 thoughts on “Tonight you broke my heart

  1. Rad change says:

    You always express yourself so well. What a wealth of descriptive words, but as always I find myself wondering if you are ok. I pray you are. If writing just gets it out then you are doing an awesome job!

    • Joan Miranda says:

      My poem is my outlet and I write them at the verge of my emotions, and I guess pain just became too familiar that writing about it just comes natural, which is also quite sad. Happiness is such a strong emotion as well but then so strange to me that when I do feel it, I haven’t a word to express it.

  2. Mark says:

    Very expressive, to paraphrase CS Lewis, it is not just living in pain that is hard but the fact that you live each day thinking about living in pain. Nice writing!

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