Only Negatives

I almost believed you when you told me that you like me. I almost thought that what we have is something special, that I was special. Almost…
Let’s say that you do like me, but then again, you like so many other girls, that the like you have for me no longer means a thing at all. You haven’t even met some of those girls yet and you are already crazy about them, what more when you do? What place do I then have in you?
You say you like me but you don’t even converse with me. I keep on trying to initiate the conversation but you never respond or at times even, you just cut me off. It makes me feel how uninterested you are in my life. You don’t even share anything with me, or at least, purposely.There are always others, lots of others you share things with that you never would with me.
You never invite me for anything, sure we’d take walks, but it will always be provoked by me, sure we have dinners, but only because I asked you to accompany me. Not once, not ever have you really asked me out, which makes me feel like you’re just tolerating me.
I do get jealous of people you make plans with, of people you converse with but I do not have the right to be.
If I wasn’t sick at the time, I wouldn’t have asked you to come with me. I’m never asking again, and though that might mean that we won’t see each other again, then it is only proof that you don’t want to.
I really thought you were different. You’re just like him, but worse cause you pretended to be better.


2 thoughts on “Only Negatives

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Hahaha. There is a post coming up entitled Only Positives, for all the positive things he’s done that makes me gaga for him

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