For a few hours, I was Adam Levine’s Girlfriend

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I was at the mall having a 2 on 1 date, then I saw my Chemistry teacher sitting on the benches. She was punching something on a red piece of paper. When I approached her, she asked me to sit down with her, because Maroon Five is having a concert. She gave me a piece of red paper that looks like VIP ticket thought its not. A bouncer checked our tickets but didn’t notice that they were fake. I am guilty but I really want to watch the concert, I forgot about my dates. I just texted one of them that I couldn’t resist to watch… it’s ADAM LEVINE!
So minutes passed and the concert was starting. Kim Chu performed first and her voice was terrrible but then Adam came up on the stage, and I was shrieking my lungs out. OHMYGAWD, even now I imagine myself screaming like crazy. My throat hurts for real. Then Jessica Sanchez came to perform, but midway her performance, someone said that Adam doesn’t want to perform anymore. I was devastated. It’s my first concert and with Maroon 5 and Adam’s not singing, I almost cried. Minutes later though, while Jessica was singing again, Adam came back on stage and I was so happy. He hugged the girl beside me and I was really jealous. Then he asked who is a Christian to the crowd. I shouted, ‘I am’. He leaned close to me and asked, one eyebrow up ‘Really? Then, what is your take on a girl’s virginity?’ I had so much to say but my mouth won’t function properly. Adam rendered me speechless, I look like an idiot on stage. I keep muttering ‘Pretend it’s not Adam, and be confident’ It took me five minutes before I got to say “Well, it’s doesn’t matter whether one is virgin or not but still when you truly love a person, and found her, you would want to save it and treasure it until the time you’re both ready, and hopefully financially stable”.
The crowd laughed and cheered. Adam gave me a hug, and I hugged him back so tight, and he whispered “I’ll see you later”.
After the concert, I thought Adam was just all words but he did came looking for me, grab my hand and said ‘Wait, would you like to eat? I’m famished’. It’s Adam, of course I said yes. We went to a nearby cafe and I made him laugh with all my crazy stories. We were both laughing like crazy and whenever our eyes meet, there was friction holding our gaze. It was hard to look away.
Hours later, we are in his hotel room. He was sitting on the bed, caressing my waist. I told him how I don’t like anyone with a tattoo but on him, it doesn’t matter because he’s hot. He laughed again at how honest and blunt I am. He pulled me close to him and kiss me on the forehead, and on my nose and on my cheek. I moan and with our eyes closed, lips barely touching but only an inch away, we remain like that for what felt like a century, and then he whispered “I like you” and kissed me again on the nose. He stood up, held my hand and we watched TV, cuddled to each other.
We were savoring every moment left, for he will be leaving in a few days. He wore jacket and ray ban to the mall so no one would recognize him and he can have a normal date with me. We had ice cream, watched movies, play in the arcade, and he never so much as kiss my lips, but he tightens his grip on my hand every once in a while.
When it was time to go, I joked ‘Do you do this with all your Christian Girl?’ He didn’t answer but there was sadness in his eyes. We went back to his hotel and he still hasn’t said a word. His eyes were teary as we lie down on the bed and he hugged my like he never want to leave. He kissed the back of my head, and pulled me closer to him.
It’s time for me to leave, and let him leave. I was walking ten steps away from his room, and he was at the door, waiting for me to disappear from sight. I rushed back to him and hugged him and we shared our first and final kiss, at least for now. His lips molded into mine as if it was meant to be placed there. His tongue was cold as it tangled itself with my own. The kiss wasn’t hurried, but it was passionate. It was heartbreaking when we had to part. I started walking away again, but then



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