From Lust to Love

How does one quench such an insatiable thirst,
For something forbidden and considered to be cursed,
Every vein of thy body begs for even just a taste
For even just a moment of a heavenly escapade

Imagining his lips touching the base of my neck
While his hand gently caresses the back of my my leg
I moan and scream out names of various deity
As I succumb to the painful pleasure willingly

Resist me not, O I plead you to say yes to me tonight
Let me lose my sense of what is wrong and what is right
Unhinge my soul that is struggling to break free
Think of no other being, of no one else but me

Look me in the eyes and pretend that you are falling
Hold me tight, as if we’re never separating
For I am yours to claim, just say the magic words
No need to be afraid, we can be so much more


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