Three words, Eight letters… SAY IT

Why do you keep asking if I have fallen for you
When you already told me that I’m not allowed to?
What if one day I say yes, I wonder what you’ll do
Will you say it back to me, say you love me too?

It doesn’t matter what I feel for I’m not your type
I will never someday be your lawfully wedded wife
So many other has already caught your eye and attention
I’m just an affair that is never to be mentioned

If there’s one thing that I would allow myself to say
Its that unless you tell me not to, I’m here to stay
I am drawn to you like a sheet of metal to a magnet
Always have and always will since our eyes first met

In an alternate universe, I am yours exclusively
And you desire no other to be with but just me
In the world we live in we remain undefinable
Twisted, excruciating, and my greatest downfall


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