To Him Who is Not Here

How does one pull away from a force far greater than gravity
That envelopes and consumes every fiber of my entirety
Cards that have been dealt even before the bets were placed
There is nowhere that I can hide, not a chance for an escape

The thirst, the hunger and the craving is now crawling in my veins
Daring me to risk my sanity for what might lead to unimaginable pain
Yet I need a torch, or even a flicker of light from the tunnel’s end
For me to take a step, to take a leap, for whatever lies ahead

How long shall I suffer from the tremors caused by your inexistence
Must I give up the throne and title of being your secret countess
Every inch of my mind and body is yours to claim and to consume
For you are exquisite, my very own source of excruciating pleasure

Your lips suck the breath of life out of my very own
Your eyes pierce down to the deepest corner of my soul
Your smile drives me mad and takes me to another place
Giving me memories that not even the gods of time could erase


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