Please Come Over

Tremors of pain and uncertainty start to fill my heart.
I need you right now to come over and just hold my hand
Let me lay my head in your shoulder and cry my eyes out
For I am hurting, I am scared and I’m definitely not alright.

You don’t have to say a word or try to make me feel better
Just be with me as I shout out my sorrow and allow myself to falter
Let’s get lost, escape this world even just for a little while
Nobody else will do, no matter how hard others try

You might be busy, you might not care but do make an exception
Pretend if you must, I need even just a flicker of your affection
Do not make me wait, o please, I beg you to just be here
Hold me, kiss me, keep on telling me I have nothing to fear

I know you know that this poem is written for you alone
So please hurry before I drown and forever to be gone
Hurry before I turn into a stone and pretend what I’m not
Hurry, please hurry, before it disappears, my beating heart.


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