Standing at the edge of a cliff, never knowing when or if I’ll fall
Tempting fate by not leaving and letting myself crave for more
Scared of getting used to things that aren’t meant to be
Of waking up alone and you’re no longer beside me

Forgetting time and life itself when you’re by my side
Being the most recurring thought that dwells in my mind
Trying hard to repel but keeps on getting magnetized
For I have no clue whether all this pain is worth the price

Someday you will fall in love but it won’t be with me
For you see in every story, I’m never the leading lady
Like an ancient memory, you will soon forget
You won’t even remember how it is we met

Tonight is our last night hence I bid you farewell
Our story was epic but one we’ll never dare tell
We would go back to our normal lives as strangers
Not even looking or glancing at the eyes of the other


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