The Graduate

Welcome to the real world, life after college
Say goodbye to homeworks, it’s time to turn the page
You are on your own now and there’s no turning back
You will have to work hard in order to survive

People are all watching as if it’s a movie
Placing bets on what you’ll turn out to be
The big fish from a small town entering a big city
Can she turn turn all her dreams and fantasies to reality?

Daddy’s little girl is now officially a grown up
But she’s never too old for his kisses and hugs
She’ll do her best to make his father proud
Earn a name for herself in return of his love

With God as her leader, her friends as her shoulders
Storms won’t defeat her, it will only make her stronger
Watch out world for here she comes, ready and hungry
And she won’t stop until she earns the belt of victory.


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