Asking for His Grace

Eyes closed and knees on the floor
Asking for God’s grace once more
I found the thing I want to do
I just wish He wants it for me too

O Lord, with you nothing is impossible
I did everything I could and gave it my all
I want this so bad, with all my heart and soul
But at the end of the day, it is still your call

I do not deserve your kindness but still you stayed with me
You want nothing more than for me to be the best I can be
Here I am now, your child, asking for your permission
For you could make it happen in a snap, if its your intention

You know me better than anyone, even myself
You know if this job, for me is the best
Whether or not you give it, I will still honor your name
My love and trust in you will remain the same


9 thoughts on “Asking for His Grace

  1. Sisi Jacobs says:

    Honestly bringing your desires before Him, and at the end acknowledging that Lord, Your will be done. I so often struggle with that last part but I’m gradually coming into it, accepting that He knows and wants the best for me

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