We brought an umbrella but it didn’t rain
As usual you were late, but this time it’s okay
I fought a smile when I saw you coming my way
It was really lovely seeing you today

I’ve missed holding your hand and squeezing your arm
Worrying about nothing and feeling perfectly calm
No heart pounding, no throats clenched or body shaking
Yet somehow it still felt right, this thing I’m feeling

It’s rational, it’s logical, it’s real and it’s ours
It’s up to us and not them whether what we have could last
They may not get it, for only you and I could understand
It doesn’t matter what others think, we’re happy with what we have

Someday when we’re done reading the pages and we have to say goodbye
We’ll part ways with a smile for we know for certain that we did try
So let’s keep on walking, don’t look sideways or back
And if the road’s block, we’ll make our own path


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