To the Philippine Government

Where is that democracy we have fought for centuries before?
why is our mouths gagged and our hand and feet in chains?
Where is that freedom that we used to love speaking of?
Why can’t they hear it, our dear nation’s screams of pains?

The people in power that are supposed to be for people
Now becoming the reason why our country’s nearing downfall
Before every election, their campaigns are the same-‘for us’
But why is it now that they betray us of our loyalty and trust?

You may cut my tongue but I will not stop speaking the truth
I will fight for what is right, tell it to the old and the youth
You may chop off my fingers but it will not stop me from writing
For the heroes that gave our lives for us, I shall keep on fighting

Do not wait for the people to get tired and tear you down
Listen to our cries, before it gets worse, listen to us now
Let us work hand in hand in making our country safe and better
Do not fight us, do not trample us, let’s do this together


9 thoughts on “To the Philippine Government

  1. Arjun Sharma says:

    ive sailed with many filipinos before, they told me something similar. things are pretty much the same in India too.

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