If you can hear her, someone save her

I was only five, young and innocent, and I was only trying to be kind
It was raining hard, and I let a stranger in, at the middle of the night
He was looking for my father, said there was something he need to tell him
I ask him what it is, he answered it was urgent so could I just let him in

Obediently I unlocked the door, told the stranger to sit and make himself at home
He grabbed me by the waist, stuck a tongue at my throat and made me moan
I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream, I let him do his thing
Silently I prayed, I asked for God’s help, for someone, something but came nothing

He pulled my underwear down and put his fingers between my thighs
My body paralyzed but tears started flowing from both my eyes
He whispered on my ear that he’d kill anyone that I will tell
I must keep quiet or else everyone I love, in the ground will fell

He kissed me once more and walked out the door leaving me naked and scared
I put on my clothes and locked the door, ran to the bathroom and again I prayed
Then I went upstairs and found my mother lying on the bed watching television
I hated her, I hated my own mother for not coming to my aid or noticing the situation

It wasn’t the first time someone pressed his lips so harshly against mine
It wasn’t the first time my mother was just nearby but too busy with her own life
One day, I was angry and told her everything, that I was molested not once but thrice
She slapped me on the face, said that I’m good for nothing, so stop it with the lies

I hated her more for not believing, for being friends with the men who abused me
So for years we were just two people living in the same house, we were not a family
My hatred was my motivation to study,work so that I could someday run away from her
Because every time I see her, I am hurting, for everything I’ve suffered I remember


19 thoughts on “If you can hear her, someone save her

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Broken hearts and lovey dovey poetry are indeed my specialty, but something pushed me into writing this. Maybe to send a message to parents everywhere.

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