Thump Thump Thump goes my Heart

“When someone gives you something you thought he could never give, that’s when a person’s heart thumps.”

I’ve read this somewhere and I started thinking about the times when my heart thumps, and sometimes it’s not just thumps, more of a loud pounding.

My heart thumps when I feel you near me,
When in my ears you whisper softly
It pounds like a drum when you flash me a smile
When you send me a message every once in a while

It thumps every time I stare at your picture
Or sniff in the air your fragrant perfume
It sounds like a hammer when you utter my name,
When we shared an umbrella under a heavy rain

In your exclusive world you have invited me in,
You let me see the good, the bad and the things in between
You’re a prince and I’m a pauper but you let our worlds collide
O I thank the heavens for being so kind

But like every fairy tale, this dream of mine has to end
Unfortunately with a broken heart that will take time to mend
As sweet and endearing you are to me, that’s just the way you are
You would never see me more, I could only look at you from afar.


4 thoughts on “Thump Thump Thump goes my Heart

  1. seanpierre64 says:

    Joan, hello I wanted to say I enjoyed this poem very much, the metaphor of a beating drum playing wildly is great and then the disappointment that is felt is immense. Hearts joy becomes hearts ache. Often far to often happiness, joy, love and even to some extent friendship are very rarely reciprocated as we would like as is evident in this piece. Namaste…SP.

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Thanks for that heartfelt comment. Your comment is moving. I am deeply touched. Thanks for the little time you have given to read my post.

  2. besobeso says:

    Hey there. I’d just like to say that you’re an amazing writer. I loved this piece very much and I’m sure many readers out there will be able to relate to this poem. It is such a huge pain in the ass when you like someone whom you know you don’t have a chance with. What you wrote captured the essence of that feeling. Kudos!

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Thanks…:) It meant a lot to hear that you can relate to my poem…:)
      I’ve checked out your blog and its very cool. I love the theme… Unspoken, unwritten and you are a wonderful writer too…:)
      Kudos to you as well

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