If you want to leave there is no need to push me away
Only cowards pretend to care while they’ve really gone astray
I’ve said it before, the door is open, walk out whenever
Just don’t make excuses or make it seem that I want this

I’ve asked you for one thing alone and that is honesty
With this, with what you’re doing, you are betraying me
Whether on purpose or not, I’m not liking it anymore
This is no longer fun anymore, not fun at all

Look down deep into the soul you deny to have
Listen clearly to the silent screams of your heart
Are we running circles or is this going somewhere
For you’ve become non-existent, you’re neither here nor there

You said you like me to stay but I can’t seem to believe you,
Your actions says otherwise, I no longer know what is true
Are we friends, are we lovers, are we turning into strangers?
Is this just for a while or is there a shot to forever?


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