Please Just Listen

You asked me what is wrong and so I will tell you,
But it doesn’t mean I want you to tell me what to do
I just need you to listen, listen and not advice
You may not like what you hear but I don’t want to tell you any lies
Stop trying to correct me, to undo me, to lecture me
I love you and all but if you keep doing so I might stray away
I might not tell you anymore whenever I don’t feel okay
Weak, faltering, discouraged, yes I might be now
But you have to trust me and allow me to make it on my own somehow
Whenever you make me feel like you need to do something to help
You just make me more afraid; I’m not helpless, I can look after myself
I feel what I feel, no matter how irrational they might seem to be
Don’t pressure me for then I will be forced to pretend that I’m happy
It hurts that you are not with me, but its okay just don’t be against me
Please just listen, please just listen, just listen and let me be.


9 thoughts on “Please Just Listen

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Thanks. I’m just a little upset. I can’t tell my friends what’s wrong because I know they’ll try to help. I need time to wallow in this sadness and snap out of it on my own. but they will not stop until i feel okay and i dont want to hurt them and it will force me to pretend to be okay which I’m not. I’m sorry for ranting here.

  1. Arjun Sharma says:

    i read somewhere that men like to problem solve. it is a sort of natural instinct that spill out advice and plans of action in similar situations, little knowing that women often just want to be heard. this post might spread the word though šŸ˜€ cheers.

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