C’est La Vie

Here I am again, being a hopeless romantic
Writing down the words I dare not speak
You are not gentle, nor are you sweet
And yet you managed to sweep me off my feet

You make me pout, you make me laugh, you make me smile
You are my sweet escape every once in a while
My paramour, my vanilla, L’amour fou
I’m afraid I’m starting to fall for you

Prends ma main. Ne pas me laisser partir.
Venez courir avec moi. Laissez-nous sortir d’ici.
Let’s go to that place that only the two of us know
Where our dreams are realities and we never have to go

Where our story is headed, Je ne sais pas
But you’re my inspiration behind erotica romantica
If you must go, c’est la vie
I’ll just savor everything while you’re still with me.


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