Please Don’t

Had I known tonight was the night that you’d say goodbye
I would have packed my bags and not even look back
I’ll be out the door even before you could get the words out
You won’t see sadness nor a single teardrop from my eyes

I need not your explanation, just let me ran away from here
Please don’t console me, I simply feel what I feel
Nothing you say or do can hasten the recovery of my heart
I allowed it to be broken, you are not to blame

Don’t be guilty, don’t come near me
We always knew this day would come
I was just surprised that it will be this fast
Thought I’d have more time but I guess I’m out of luck

Regrets I have none for at least I had those memories
Those awesome experiences now to be part of history
Thank you for your time, I really had so much fun
I wish you a good life, I wish you’d find “The One”


5 thoughts on “Please Don’t

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Yes but then again, why be sad?
      I realized, as long you’ve given your best and your heart all you could do is be grateful that you’ve been given a chance…:)
      Yes it will be painful but nevertheless, cheer up for tomorrow hold new pages for your life…:)
      Just keep moving forward…:)

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