Nobody Ever Stays

I’m staring at your picture wondering when you’ll be here,
I know it’s only been days but it feels more like a year
My pocket is full of questions that you alone could answer
I wonder where you are my friend, my teacher, my lover

Will you be coming or should I stop waiting
Have you lost interest while I’m still longing
Yet a part of me is scared to know what the answers are
For maybe I’m better off just looking at the stars

If tonight there would be no knock on my door,
Knock not tomorrow for then I’ll be gone
The not knowing if I’m alone or if you’re still with me
Makes me feel like I’m drowning miles down under the sea

Emotionally damaged and still in the process of learning
Always anticipating that everybody will be leaving
So in the back of my mind is always the thought that you will too
For nobody ever stays, nobody every does, and neither will you


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