Life Coach

Once upon a time I believed that fairy tales do exist
And there’s nothing more powerful than true love’s kiss
So everywhere I went, I wore my heart on my sleeve
Hoping to stumble upon a prince that’ll make me feel that magic

I fell in love with love so deep that I started to lose myself
I didn’t like who I’ve become and so I started screaming for help
But no one could hear me, no one was there, and maybe no one cared
Everywhere else I’ve succeeded but in this department, I have failed

Then one day a man showed up and made me see things differently,
He taught me how to live and how to start thinking rationally
One by one, he unconsciously strips off my insecurities
Not letting me be drifted off by my crazy fantasies

I’ve always been uptight and so abstemious
But he taught me how to relax and just let loose
With every thought I have, he’s the first that I approach
He’s my friend, my brother, and my personal life coach


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