Amor Rationalis (ορθολογική αγάπη)

I’m no damsel in distress, I am my own knight
Perfectly capable of finding my way to the light
You don’t have to wait on me, you can go on ahead
Trust me I can catch up, you haven’t seen anything yet

You don’t have to give me gifts, chocolates or flowers
No need to leave everything behind and rush right over
I’m looking for a lover and not a personal slave
One who’d treat me as an equal and not someone to be saved

There’s no need for you to have a fat big bank account
What I want is a man who has a beautiful heart
I don’t need you to have an IQ of a genius
But have a brain that is always being used

Let’s not get head over heels and lose ourselves
For ours is a story that is dying to be read
Let us savor every scene, every page, every chapter
And in the end we’ll find out if we’re meant for each other


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