The Boyfriend Contract

This isn’t the original post but with time comes changes and hence I am changing mine. The boyfriend contract was about the rules that I have set on how I want my future boyfriend to behave, that shouldn’t be. If I am even thinking of drafting out a contract, then I am nowhere near ready for a relationship. Relationships are about trust, acceptance, listening and faith. We discover things about each other along the way and we learn to live with it, provided that it’s nothing illegal or evil or steps on your moral compass.
Being in a relationship means carrying with you a responsibility. You are now looking after another person’s heart and the moment that person handed it to you, you can either break it or take care of it.
I am imperfect, I have so many flaws and insecurities but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a relationship. I can’t fix myself because only God can, so its no excuse either not to be with another person. Just love, love truly, love faithfully.
No contracts, just love.


11 thoughts on “The Boyfriend Contract

  1. zigzapiens says:

    Where do I sign!? xD

    Actually you have some very good points there, if I had those always in mind, somethings mind have ended up better with my, now ex. girlfriend.

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Hahaha right here, sign right here…:)
      No matter how great the distance between two people, they can always connected by their love for each other…
      Cheer up I’m sure there’s a reason why you broke up and it isn’t to make both of you miserable but so you can grow up.
      And besides it takes grown ups to make relationships work…:)
      Also if two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back!
      Here’s to us in hope of finding someone we’ll love and love us in return…:)

      • zigzapiens says:

        You got it so right, wisely…

        yeah :/

        Alright! to us. and to somebody that will loves us 🙂

        But lets not just dive in hope, let us be,

        so we can be with the one we’re supposed to be.
        in Love!


    • Joan Miranda says:

      Haha. A fellow bookworm you must be…:)
      Yes its a must on my “relationship agreement” but I am still single and focusing on studies and trying to get a job

    • Joan Miranda says:

      I know. Hahaha. Anyways can i get your email address. I’m really intrigued by your writing and hope that i can do a little interview.

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