What’s the formula for Love

Don’t know where this road is taking us
Or if we’re meant to last or burn out fast
But I’d like this to read this until the last page
Watch it until the curtain closes on the stage

Why don’t we do this right and give us a try
Even if there’s a chance we’ll fall out and say goodbye
Don’t you think that we are worth the risk
Coz I can really see that we could get better than this

If you don’t think that you could ever fall for me
Tell me at once, coz I’m starting to wish that we could be
Before I fall in too deep, let me know where I stand
If I should back down now or stay around

We don’t have to be like the couples on the street
Holding hands, blowing kisses and being sickly sweet
We can just stay in the world only we knew exist
Do what we want, say what we please and add our own twist


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