Charming Spell

I used to be nothing more but an object in his eyes
Created to fulfill all his carnal needs and desire
He wants nothing more than have our skin against each other
An excellent partner and companion but never my lover

Yet things are slowly changing though I doubt if he can tell,
Slowly, slowly, I notice him falling under my spell
No longer is he the same passive man that I have once knew
He starts to be more, starting to do more than he usually do

In front of him I stand naked and unafraid
Confident, beautiful and unashamed
He has seen me in my best and in my worst
With and even without any of my clothes

He is not mine and I am not his
Yet we keep on hoping this story holds a twist
Maybe in the end, maybe just maybe we could be,
Yet I don’t forget the fact that it could also just be me


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