Fall, Falling, Fell, Fallen

You’ll start seeing me in places where I’m not
I’ll be stuck in your head and you won’t be able to get me out
You’ll start singing songs you wish you could tell me
In every moment you’re alone, I’m who you’ll wish to see

It begins with the craving, the longing, the yearning
Even if you try not to, emotions will keep on crawling
You will get jealous, you will feel pain, you will feel love
You’ll meet them again, the feelings that you once had

Right now you’re oblivious, you barely have a clue
You cannot hide anymore, this is real, this is true
Don’t be scared for it’s human nature taking its course
When that day comes, come find me and I’ll be yours

Hold my hand, hug me from the back, kiss me on my lips
Let’s Watch movies, sing me lullabies and tell me stories
I’d like to touch not just your flesh but what’s inside
Your heart, your soul, every thought that resides in your mind


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