Speed of Light

Your IQ level is close enough to be a genius
So I can’t fathom why you can’t tell the obvious
You get the numbers of the speed of light memorized
Yet you can’t figure out you have me mesmerized

Is your heart already taken or can I still apply?
For whenever you’re near, you make me float to the sky
Every feature of your face is engraved in my head
It haunts me every night and day in and out my bed

I refuse to accept this is the farthest we could go,
Don’t close the book just yet, it’s not the end I know
You try to avoid me so you won’t get to break my heart
But hiding makes it worse, it makes us fall even more apart

I wouldn’t hate you if you don’t feel the same way
I would still be your friend at the end of the day
So put on a brave face for once and tell me how you really feel
Do you want me here or would you rather that I just disappear

(C) Joan Miranda


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