Red Queen

Excuse me, get off my throne.
In the count of three, I want you gone
Just because I didn’t take credit for what I’ve done
Doesn’t mean that you could, you little piece of scum

Don’t go around and accusing me that I don’t give a damn
When I have loved this place more than I could any man
You’ve stepped on my toe before and I’ve let it slide
Now I couldn’t bear it, anger starts to fill my mind

This right here, this is my life, my heart, my soul
But because of you I’ve left it, I took the fall
Yet I have never unloved it even for a single second
So don’t you dare lash words that holds no truth at all

Better run, better hide, you’ve woken the Red Queen
This game we’ll be playing, you can never win
Her middle name’s revenge, if you haven’t yet heard
After she’s done, you’ll regret having her started.


4 thoughts on “Red Queen

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Haha. I was just really frustrated at one of my friend, It will pass but might as well make something out of the emotion..
      Missed you Mr. House…
      How are you?

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