It took an unsolicited question from a stranger to get me to snap back to reality. All this time I thought I was living the real life, until tonight. How could I ever think that he would look at me the way that I look at him? He was way out of my league, no matter how similar our likes and dislikes are, we still live on different worlds. The heaven I thought was just a few inches from the ground turned out to be a million miles above me.
It sucks, it hurts but I had to know it. It was like a slap on my face. “Who do you think you are?” is what is says, and it should be written on my wrist, on my desktop, on my phone, anywhere.

Please press pause and then rewind,
I’d like to undo everything I’ve done.
I had so much fun I got caught up,
Now I’m standing alone with a broken heart.

All this time I have been silly,
Writing poems and wishing we could be,
I didn’t think, I didn’t stop
Now burnt ashes is all I’ve got.

I told myself I won’t go back to high school
But here I am, once again acting like a fool
Every time they ask, all I do is deny
I thought I was doing right but they could tell it’s a lie

I’m in the hell of my own making,
I really should stop with all the fantasizing
I have no one to blame but me
Now that’s a truth anyone can see…


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