No longer meant for You.

I’m having a writer’s block. Ever since the person who has inspired many of my poems and stories have suddenly disappeared from my life, I cannot find any words to write. Nothing seems to rhyme, every stanza feel like a waste of time. It is my body’s way of defense mechanism to avoid any emotional pain. It avoids my mind from procuring useless fantasies that will lead me hoping and wanting for something I can never have. Hence, for what it’s worth, I am trying to snap out of it and so here it goes.

Countless drafts were written but never published,
In hopes of a reputation to remain untarnished.
I keep on dialing your number on my phone
Yet every time I fail to hit call.

Words escape me when I try to write,
Emotions drained now that you’re out of sight,
Is our story on hold or officially ended
When it seems to me we barely started.

Our paths used to cross at this time of day,
But I haven’t seen you and I looked all ways,
My messages ignored and probably unread
Now I’m starting to doubt the things you said.

What happened to the phrase “Everything is Fine,
We would still hang out from time to time”
My heart stopped pounding like a storm was coming
Which probably means we did have reached the ending.

(C) Joan Miranda


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