Lady In Red

There is torture in waiting that makes her more eager
Claws out and ready to pounce, a cold blooded tiger
Water is still dripping from the ends of her hair
As she waits for her conquest to come out and play

Killer heels, dark red lipstick and a short silky dress,
A fire building up inside her, getting ready to burst
She bites her lower lip and trace it slowly with her tongue
Her inner goddess begging, pleading, to let her come undone

As if its a melody, she listens to the rain outside her window,
Smiles slyly for she knows her body will become sore tomorrow
She yearns for the pain that the heavenly pleasure will bring
The involuntary gasp as secrets get unraveled from under her skin

An angel drawn to the dark side refusing to be rescued
For it is only here that her desires can be unleashed
Whistling wind, coyotes howling and the moon rising
Her eyes piercing to the soul, summoning, tempting…

(C) Joan Miranda


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